On White Knighting

I never in a million years thought that this would be the first post to open my blog. I’ve had this blog for months now, meaning to start writing something, but never actually doing it. And it is a case in the recent blogosphere that has gotten me thinking, and finally setting the fingers to the keys.

It has to do with the term White Knighting. I’m meaning a specific definition, one that’s probably not easily found on the internet without MRAs or Nice Guys attached to it, so let me define it for you.

White Knighting, to me in this instance, means going to the defense of someone else (male or female) whom you believe has been attacked or slighted, whether in a forum or blog post, a comment, or a tweet. For me, this also means you’re doing it without permission or against the expressed desires of the attacked/slighted party.

(Yes, I know this can happen in Real Life as well, I’m just doing the internet thing here, sorry.)

I’m not trying to stir any pot again, really. But I want to provide links for when, 6 years down the road, we’ve all forgotten what in particular I was talking about here.

Navimie of The Daily Frostwolf, had a bad experience in game that ended up leading to Twitter, and blogged about it. In this post, she specifically asked people to LET IT GO. To not vilify the person, or do anything to bring attention to the situation. However, this did not stop someone from being a White Knight, and perpetuating the situation.

Look. I don’t know either of these people. I do not have a horse in this race. I’ve read the latter bloggers posts on rare occasions and enjoyed them. I recall reading the former’s posts once or twice, a long time ago. They’re vaguely familiar to me. This is not why I’m writing this blog post.

What I’m really writing to say is that if any of my friends, EVER, decide they want to White Knight me, against my express wishes, you will find yourselves dropped faster than a hot potato. I will cut you off instantly and if not forever, for a VERY long time. You do not get to go against my wishes and decide that you’re going to champion me. No. That’s not how my friendship works.

I am a big girl, I’m all grown up, and I can fight my own fucking battles. If you think you can still be my friend after IGNORING my desires…well, let’s just say that it ain’t gonna happen. Honestly, I really don’t think it ever will – I am a very different person from Navi, and I can’t imagine anyone wanting to White Knight me. But I wanted to be clear up front.

I had a lot of time to think about this while cooking dinner tonight, and I felt strongly enough, it poking in and around my brain, that I couldn’t stop until I wrote it all down. So, my first blog post! You’re welcome to it!

Most of my blog will probably be about my adventures in MoP, tanking and healing, with a side of DPS, just like it says at the top. At least, that’s the aim.


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One Response to On White Knighting

  1. If that’s what you got for my reasons for why I posted what I did and it inspired that much irritation in you… well, your take seems to be that I don’t have a right to represent my own views unless I clear it with someone else first.

    I disagree. Nobody muzzles me. If it loses me friends, as I acknowledged up front that it might, so be it, I always accept the consequences for the actions I take.

    I think you’re assuming a bit if you think Navi needs anyone to defend her, though. She is far from some weak damsel in a dress.

    I represented my point as clearly as I knew how, but perhaps I did not state it clearly enough to get it across well, and the confusion is my fault.

    I asserted, with examples, that Navi is as far from an asshat as it is possible for me to know, and yet even so she was the target of vilification from someone that I knew and would have allowed my son to whisper in order to talk to someone in the same guild as that person, someone I currently play with, someone that my son plays with. The person that directed the venom is also someone that my son played with in the past, but the person certainly would not have remembered.

    This was about my reaction to being in that situation, the father of a gaming child who could have easily had that level of venom directed at them instead of the person it actually was.

    It’s unfortunately I didn’t state that clearly enough.

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