Alternative Godmother’s 10 Questions

A bit after the deadline. I had this written up in early August in my email drafts, but never went and looked up my /played time, and kept forgetting about it except when I wasn’t able to log in. So now, late, here are my answers to the 10 Years, 10 Questions blog post.

1. Why did you start playing Warcraft?

My husband and I had been playing Diablo II for a long time together. He has been a die-hard Mac user, so it’s always been hard to find games where we can play together. Blizzard games were a great option. One of our friends had been in the beta, and suggested that we would like it. We had been burned with Star Wars: Galaxies not having a Mac client, so we were leery of MMOs, and decided to not bother. Then in January of 2005, one of our other friends loaned us his account login to “try” it out (I know, I know). Lou installed it and began playing, and immediately loved it. I played very briefly, but also was intrigued. He managed to get the last copy from Best Buy (it had a damaged box and was in the back), and this was at the time where Blizzard had actually STOPPED SHIPPING AND SELLING the game, to try to fix their realm stabiity issues. I had to wait a whole month until I could get a copy (direct from Blizzard, an online friend who also played alerted me to them selling it again). The husband was ahead of me in levels, but made a new character to play with mine.

2. What was the first ever character you rolled?

Skylear, Night Elf Druid, on the Whisperwind realm. I was playing an elven shaman in a AD&D 2nd edition game, and at the time, we’d created our own shaman class by taking out the shapeshifting of the druid and adding in spirit summoning. I decided my first character would “recreate” this other character.

3. Which factors determined your faction choice in game?

For my first character, it was the above. But the husband was playing horde-side (as the original friends who told us about the game were), so I rerolled a tauren druid on Llane named Ruana, to play with them. Of course, they were all higher level than me, and wouldn’t wait/play with me. Husband eventually rolled a hunter to play with me (he was playing a warrior at the time), and we started duoing. I found that horde was a lot more fun for me, and while I have Alliance characters, Horde is home.

4. What has been your most memorable moment in Warcraft and why?

I have quite a few, some of which are great accomplishments, some are mistakes. I think probably the most memorable is when I got the Herald of the Titans title in Cataclysm, with my guild on Bronzebeard, Daughters OfThe Alliance. Yes, Alliance – my second-ever ally character was a priest named Damarisa. I tried to level her as holy, which was not viable back in vanilla. She had sat for a long time, and more priests got created and I found I loved the class. She got to 80 and I locked her and gathered gear. It took us a few tries, but not more than 6, to get him down and the title. I ended up helping the guild again for those who didn’t make the first run, and then later helped friends on another server with their run. Eventually I did unlock Damarisa, and she’s now 90 and has the legendary cloak.

5. What is your favourite aspect of the game and has this always been the case?

Raiding, I think. I was late to the game in vanilla, where druids had to heal and couldn’t do much else. Our guild wasn’t extremely successful – never got Rags down as a guild without help from another guild, though I believe we actually did get Majordomo down. Never entered BWL until just before TBC came out, when one of our officers decided we should try it when 2.0 came out. We only had 1 real night of tries; not enough people showed up for the 2nd one. We did run Zul’Gurub and did manage to defeat Hakkar.

In TBC, my guild had enough people to run 2 10-mans, but never enough for a 25-man without some friends. Plus the attunements! I was trying my hand at tanking for the first time, but also had a healing offspec, so I could do either. We ran Karazhan many times, had successful attempts against Magtheridon and Gruul, but never managed to get too far in TK: The Eye, got a few bosses down in SSC (Lurker, Hydross, one kill of Tidewalker), and played around with Sunwell trash. We got Najentus and Supremus down in Black Temple after 3.0 hit, and I think also got a few bosses down in Hyjal.

And I’ll stop here before I blather on about each expansion’s raiding, but after TBC, I found a home as a tank in my guild, sometimes with the occasional healing offspec and once, very briefly, a moonkin spec. I also raided with alts as healers, mainly my shaman and my priest.

I’d guess my second love would be questing. I got The Seeker on my main while picking up candy buckets, but I also got Loremaster before the Cataclysm revamp. I usually quest on my main in every zone, finishing everything as I can. Right now, she’s not gone back and redone the vanilla zones, mainly because she has no bank space for transmog, and some of those quest rewards will be worth keeping.

6. Do you have an area in game that you always return to?

Thunder Bluff, and the Tauren area in Orgrimmar since the Cataclysm revamp.

7. How long have you /played and has that been continuous?

Yes, I’ve never unsubbed except as in protest for the RealID fiasco. I pay by 6 months at a time, so I did have plenty of time still on my account.

I’d have to look in game to see my /played, but it’s a lot. I have two accounts (I made the 2nd for RAF in TBC), and I have no idea if the characters I moved over ended up keeping their played. I have many, many alts, and I already said I enjoyed questing. I also spent over a year and a third uemployed, without much to do but look for jobs and play WoW. This is the main reason I have 10 Legendary cloaks, though 13 90s. I’ve stopped and will NOT be getting any more.

Okay, I checked. My main has 261 days /played. I have an addon that adds up all the /played of characters, so on my main account I have 673 days /played, and on my second account, I have 194 /played. I also have no idea if any of the /played reset when I moved characters over to the second account, so it could be more!

8. Admit it: do you read quest text or not?

Not as much as I used to. Honestly, I blame my bad eyesight and the in-game font (though I’ve changed it in the past, I don’t have any mods now to change it).

9. Are there any regrets from your time in game?

I regret that I don’t play as much in Daughters of the Horde/Alliance as I once did. Back in vanilla, I leveled my first undead warlock in DotH, and she’s still stuck in the 70s, having been pretty much abandoned in Wrath, when the husband and I started leveling together more (he played a lot more in TBC than I did, due to him maining a mage then, and EVERYONE wanted CC, and druids…not so much with the CC providing).

10. What effect has Warcraft had on your life outside gaming?

I have a world-wide assortment of friends and acquaintances from playing WoW. Even though many of them now don’t play WoW anymore, I still keep in touch with many of them via Twitter. Some of them I have met in person, others I’d love to, but distance and money don’t make it easy.

Playing WoW has definitely decreased my other leisure activities. I used to read more books and watch a lot more TV, and play many more roleplaying games. WoW did cut into all of those activities, but I do still read, I still watch TV, and I still play RPGs. My husband and I also began to eat out a lot more after we started playing, but with my job hours cut before I was laid off, we made significant lifestyle changes, and began planning and cooking/preparing more meals at home.

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