About the tank/healer

Glyneth started gaming after leaving college, first in an online environment (Compuserve’s Games forum, then later their RPGForum), and then in the meatspace world. Her first real long-term exposure to gaming was not with AD&D, but with Cyberpunk, Amber Diceless, and GURPS.

This may explain why she could never figure out THAC0.

Actually, no, that’s a lie. Her parents had a PONG game, and then later an Atari 2600, where she would spend every day after middle school playing Asteroids until she flipped the score. She vaguely recalls her best score having 2 flips in there somewhere.

Later, one of her older brothers would bring his Intellivision over, with the speech module, and she played many a game of Space Spartans and B17 Bomber. (Watch out for flak!)

Still later, that same brother would bring his Commodore 64 over to hook up to the TV, along with the requisite Tape Drive, and she and her sister would load up Jumpman and play it until it requested the tape be flipped over to continue, at which point the game would be stuck and never work again.

(She’s still proud that her sister and she figured out how to play Impossible Mission without ever having an instruction manual.)

Diablo and later Diablo II were her first real addictive game experiences, once she gave up on her Amiga 500. With her husband in tow, the two of them almost made it all the way through DII on Nightmare mode (stopping somewhere in the freaking pygmy level). She also got good at watching her husband play Tomb Raider and its sequels and pointing out all the things he would miss. She just didn’t have the twitch reflex that she needed to play those games well, though she did finish the first 3 on her own.

Some more dabbling with console games came along, including her husband purchasing both Katamari Damacy and FFX-2 for her birthday in December 2004, neither of which got played much, due to a little release called World of Warcraft. A friend had been in the beta, and was encouraging them to play, and both she and her husband resisted for a few weeks. But he got his game in January ’05, and she a few weeks later (anyone else remember when the game was hard to find?).

She’s now playing both WoW and SWTOR, preferring to play tanks and healers in both games, though she does have some DPS on the side.


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